IIT Physics Centre

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  • Address: 2-KA-35, Jhalawar Road, Vigyan Nagar, Kota, Rajasthan 324005
  • Year Established: 2000
  • Contact Person: D. B. Singh
  • Contact No: 9828535802

IIT Physics Centre Who We Are

The top man, widely acclaimed for his command on physics. His name is more than familiar for any student who is preparing for IIT-JEE. He is held in high reverence by the seekers of subjects. One can hardly fail to notice his deep logical approach during a various class discussion. Behind his friendly smile lies one of the prominent in today's world of physics teaching. His extensive teaching career for IIT- JEE spends more than ten years. Devoted in mind and spirit, he continues his effort for training a whole fresh generation of best talent in the country.