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 Quicker Maths – A magical book

Quicker Maths is a mathematics book for various competitive exams, i.e SSC, UPSC, CPO, LIC, GIC and UTI etc. There are two major aim of this Qui
.cker maths book, first one is to acquaint the students with various types of problems given in these examinations and how to solve them. Second is to teach the students effective ways to tackle each of the problems faster and more effectively.
As we all know, cracking the competitive examinations is as much about knowing the correct answer as it is about time management. it help the candidates to solve even the most complex problems easily and correctly. So for this, Quicker Maths also explains each concept in clear and easily understandable words so that students. Which belonging from the non-mathematical background, too, do not have a difficult time in understanding them. Certain problems also contain detailed illustrations that do visual clarity to the explanations.
This book has been neatly divided into various chapters (lessons) and contains clear information on different math topics, the important derivations and formulae that aid in understanding the core concept of the subject and solve the questions faster yet correctly.
Apart from this, the book also features solved questions of sums that have appeared in the past years in various competitive examinations. Likewise, there remains a list of probable questions (fully solved with proper illustrations) for the students. Thanks to the importance given to Vedic mathematics, this book remains an ideal guide book for all types of competitive examinations.
Author Introduction
Manoj Tyra or M. Tyra is a renowned teacher of Mathematics and has been in this profession. since he graduated with a degree in Mathematics from the Delhi University in 1990. Manoj Tyra’s approach to the subject lies in his treatment of various problems through Vedic maths. Apart from authoring Magical Book on Quicker Maths, he has also authored numerous guides and study materials for the CAT, IIT and banking examination aspirants. A leading monthly magazine, Banking Services Chronicles, get published from his own publishing house.

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  • Paperback: 807 pages
  • Publisher: Bsc Publishing
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 8190458922
  • ISBN-13: 978-8190458924